What a hell of a match this guy had.

Liverpool pounded Leicester and has the league by the throat.  My prediction for Everton is on schedule. Chelsea sucked eggs. Spuds won without their fans getting all racist. And ManUre looked actually good for a change. There were other games, but nothing exciting. More games today. And tomorrow. And Sunday. With many teams playing on just two days rest, which is criminal.

This didn’t happen once…against Louisiana Tech?

The Miami Hurricanes have reached rock-bottom as a football school.  They haven’t been the same since the Buckeyes wrecked their dominance in the 2002 National Championship game. Let’s hope the Buckeyes recapture that magic in the desert tomorrow night. I’m nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof about the game. Elsewhere, Pitt managed to recapture a bit of honor for the ACC by barely beating…a 6-6 Eastern Michigan team.  Pitiful. Just pitiful. Also, no hockey for a second day in a row.  You gotta get that fixed, NHL.

Astronomer Johannes Kepler was born on this day. So were milk ruiner Louis Pasteur (just kidding, kinda), Canadian steel magnate Cyrus Eaton, lovely actress Marlene Dietrich, actor John Amos, rocker Mick Jones, French actor and sexual deviant Gerard Depardieu, wrestler and (shouldn’t have been a ) playboy pictorial girl Chyna, and NFL flop Carson Palmer.


Look, I’m not one to give advice, but don’t go looking for that Chyna playboy pictorial. You’ll be racing off to an Arby’s, and they’re not open yet. Instead, stick around and comment in…the links!

The stock market gave a lot of people a late Christmas gift. Look for it to keep rolling too. And look for politicians to keep taking credit.

Now Chicagoans have Indiana to blame for something else. And I’m sure they will. And in this case, I’m curious why it took so long for the guy to be arrested. Looks like they had plenty of evidence a few weeks ago.

I wonder what she was carrying, and I sure hope it wasn’t contagious. I’m also certain Trump will be blamed.

Do parents not inspect these places before leaving their kids there five days a week? Seriously, they’d have to be clueless or way too trusting in a stranger.

I’m wondering if this could be the solution rather than the problem.

Apparently there are even millionaire 1%ers ruining California…from beyond the grave. Also, those things ain’t got shit on the ones in south and west Texas.

So much for “stop, look, and listen”. Oh well, I’m sure its nothing a little extra training (at time and a half, obviously) can’t fix. Also, I’m glad the story lets us know the important person went home safely…and it’s no shock they refuse to give his name.

Here’s a lovely tune from an underrated band. Hope you enjoy it.

Well, that’s it for me.  The next post by me will hopefully be crowing about the game Saturday night.  But see my comment above. I’m cautiously optimistic…but nervous as hell.  Of course I always am.  But I digress. Have a good day, friends. And a great weekend!