Dawg Pounded

Well the year is all but over.  And it isn’t ending well for Freddie Kitchens. And I’m not sure it will end with Jason Garrett as coach of the Cowboys.  There will surely be more heads on the chopping blockout those two are the biggest names. The winners yesterday were: Miami (forcing New England into a Wild Card round game for the first time in a long time), NYJ, the Bungles, Packers, Chiefs, Bears, Falcons, Saints, Cowboys, Broncos, Rams, Eagles, Jags, Ravens, Titans and Niners.

A common sight on Merseyside

Now let’s talk about who the year ended well for: Jurgen Klopp. His team haven’t lost since January 3. And the EPL is on straight up lockdown, as they’re 13 points clear of second place with. game still in hand against team barely above the drop.  Let’s hope they keep it up.

Roman emperor Titus was born on this day. As were author Rudyard Kipling, warming Japanese PM Hideki Tojo, musical legend Bo Diddley, pitcher Sandy Koufax, Monkees Davey Jones as well as Mike Nesmeth, Patti Smith, Jeff Lynne, powerlifter Kill Kazmaier, TV’s Matt Lauer, Canadian steroid user Ben Johnson, prostitute-to-madam Heidi Fleiss, golfer Eldrick Woods, basketball team-hopper LeBron James, and the lovely Eliza Dushku.


That went from music-heavy to sports-heavy and really ended up being a big day of birthdays.  But now it’s time to get down and dirty with…the links!

Rep John Lewis has Stage IV pancreatic cancer. Of course he won’t leave congress so someone else can do the job.  He want’s to go out like John McCain and take a victory lap around Washington so everybody can kiss his ass. Nevermind that he won’t be able to effectively represent his district.

There are actually dumbasses out there saying this is why we need gun control in places of worship. Seriously, they think gun-free zones wound have made this better instead of making sure the shooter had nothing but unarmed targets.

Out on bail

It sounds like this guy might be involved in more than the Hannukah stabbings. And they’ll be painting him as a Trump supporter in 3…2…1. I mean, why not? There are already a lot of talking heads saying that Trump being so supportive of Jews is what’s causing people to lash out at them.

Speaking of the guy above, if he’s not married, I think I could set him up with this chick. She seems like a real peach.

Jesus, talk about out of touch. I mean…Jesus, talk about out of touch.

There’s still a couple days for the stock market to go wild one way or the other. And stability is pretty much all up to the Norks and China not going apeshit crazy.

Enjoy. I will.

Now have a great day, friends.