Haha, just kidding, its the usual mailed-in links, but I wanted everyone to feel excited about the last Monday of 2019. I have been experimenting with some new M$ technology at work, and was all “oh, this M language for Power BI is garbage language because it takes 8 zillion steps to write the same thing I can declare in a single SQL query.” Turns out you can just drop a native SQL query in there. So now I am Power BI expert!

Who are these garbage people who hold these garbage opinions?

I think none of us are surprised by this, but I want to ask a counterfactual: Could our economy even stand it if Trump tariffs weren’t slowing the growth from explosive to rocket-powered?

For some reason, “socialist” is a pejorative term with Florida Latinos… maybe lived experience has something to do with that.

While the rest of the US is rapidly attaining 1920’s levels of wealth, growth, and opportunity, NYC is racing towards the late 70s. Time for an Escape from New York remake!


Well, let’s rock into 2020, start now, wake up by Thursday morning!