¡Buenos días Gliberinos! Sloopy had to go on a short trip. Hopefully it is as lucrative as he made it sound yesterday.  I’m sure Sloopy is fine.


“Buenas tardes Señor Sloopy. Yo tengo un trabajo para usted.” Don Brett preguntó.

“A job? I am all for jobs, what does the job entail?” Sloopy answered.

¡Es una buena idea!

“Necesito que vueles con mi piloto, Murdock. Presente este manifiesto al inspector cuando aterrice.” Don Brett respondió.

“Murdock? You sure that is a good idea?

“Por supuesto, estoy seguro, pues.”

“Oh, well…he looks a bit short bus IYKWIM.”

“Solo dale al inspector este manifiesto cuando aterrices. Si tiene preguntas para usted, entréguele este sobre.”

“Whoa now, slow downo my Espanyolo is not so bueno.”

“Este sobre tiene su compensación y la de Murdock. No es mi problema lo que haces después de aterrizar. Murdock volará de regreso a Tampastan una vez que se entregue el paquete.”

“Murdock is doing what now?”

“Está volando a Tampastan.”

“There’s a volcano in Tampa?”

“¡Sube al avion!”


“You know, you’re not nearly the nut they make you out to be. In fact you haven’t really said anything at all.” Sloopy said, trying to end the awkward silence.

[[Cue music]]

“Do you hear that?” Sloopy asked.

[[Stares in Murdock]]

“Yeah, I can stare without blinking too. I give news to aspies as a hobby.”

[[Staring intensifies]]

“Shouldn’t you be flying the plane?”

[[More staring]]

“I take back everything I said about you not being a nut.”

“WOLVERINES!!!!!” Murdock yelled.

Murdock then donned a parachute, and jumped out of the plane….


I’m sure Sloopy is fine.

…and now for the news.

Archeologists discover a new (to them anyway) Mayan ruin on the Yucatan.

Don Brett will be making even more off sales of cocaine.

Cuban entrepreneurs create a ride share app called, “Sube” with the expectation US tourists would download and use it. I’m not sure people are actually using it.

21 people were killed in a bus crash in Guatemala.

What are the chances they shift the narrative to Venezuelan collusion?

Here’s a tune sure to aggravate everyone.  Well, not really.