First of all, thanks to all who tried the challenge. Whether you spent hours and hours trying to improve your sketching or simply made a few attempts, I’m sure we’d all love to see what you got. Post in the comments.

I watched about 20 YouTube sketching tutorials and tried to follow what they were saying. But, I didn’t know what they were saying. Blending stump? Cast vs occlusion shadow? Values? Contour shading? I went down rabbit hole after rabbit hole trying to figure stuff out. I was Alice if she had nuts and hit them on every protruding root.
Can you really learn how to be good at sketching in a month? Not when the extent of your artistic talent is drawing dicks on your older sister’s Brownie troupe group photo. I did learn some things that couldn’t possibly be useful in any other aspect of life:

1. There are shadows everywhere. There are shadows inside shadows and the shapes they make are just as real as the objects and light creating them.

2. Contrast is how you make things pop. If you don’t go bold in order to find the edges of possibility, you won’t be able to create subtleties.

3. Sometimes you gotta draw a line no matter how shaky your hand is and live with it. The next time you’ll be more careful with your construction lines.

4. Relax. Stress can cause of spaz hand. It may take a while to discover a method to relax that works for you. Keep trying because eventually you’ll be able to slip into that frame of mind easily.

5. People have interesting faces. If you think a person is ugly, try drawing his or her face. You’ll find at least one point that is intriguing if not beautiful.

My final work sketches. Not going to quit my day job.

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