Holy shit, it’s almost 2020. That means I’m really, really old so the best I can say is that at least I’m still regular (easy lob over the plate here!). And I have the prostate of an 18 year old (soft pitch down the middle, people!). And SP and I will spend New Year’s Eve upholding our traditions (c’mon, this is a BP fastball).  And among those traditions are the links I post before and after. The after ones tend to be a bit murkier, admittedly, so let’s enjoy coherence while it’s still present.

Birthdays today include the single most horrible human to occupy the White House (and the first indicator of the merit of the Nobel Peace Prize); a true space case; a brilliant and under-rated comic actor; our Fatha who art in Heaven; his negative image; and a guy who really got with the program.

On to the news:


The Schadenfreude, it burns!


I’m sure this will bring down the murder rate.


Imus go now. Bye.






Fucking antisemitic Trump.


More right wing white supremacist antisemitism in Trump Country.


More owie.


Of course her name is Karen.


Old Guy Music today is a surprisingly delightful take on a classic.